Depression among Teenagers

Depression is probably one of the most serious evils encountered by teenagers. Teenage depression often goes unrecognized and thus untreated because of the very fact that teenage itself is marked by rapid mood swings, histrionics and dramatic reactions.
The conditions listed above typically last for some hours or a day. But when the abnormal behavior persists for 2 weeks or more, your teenager is definitely depressed.
Teenage depression has the following symptoms,
• Feeling sad, guilty and worthless
• Frustration, anxiety and rage
• Being isolated socially
• Feeling tired and fatigued without doing anything
• Aches and other medical ailments that do not respond to medicines
• Being suicidal
Different factors can trigger or develop depression in teenagers.
First of all is the teenage itself. The teens have to understand the physical and the psychological changes related to puberty and developing hormones. They have to figure out their identity and place in the society.
Sometimes they have to go through their parents’ separation or their own break up with all those raging hormones and various confusions about themselves.
Any other disturbing event such as death of a relative or even a pet can also cause acute depression. Physical imparities or illness can also lead to depression.
Teenagers can respond differently to depression but generally the consequences of teenage depression could be fatal. Some can succumb to drug abuse, while others can indulge into self injuries or even attempt to suicide. Mild responses to depression can cause eating and sleeping disorder. Researches have shown that many teens have even tried to run away from home in depression.
Teenage depression can be healed only by the help of a professional therapist, understanding parents and teachers and helping friends. Teenagers are our future. If we understand and treat them properly today, we are ensuring a good future for ourselves.


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