Depression in the elderly

Depression is one of the many troubles that elderly face. That is a vulnerable age and elderly people easily fall prey to depression. Depression in elderly often remains unnoticed because most of them are hesitant in seeking professional advice.
Depression of elderly age differs from depression of any other age group. Its symptoms include
• Feelings of sadness and worthlessness
• Tiredness and fatigue
• Loosing interest in daily activities
• Refusal to engage in some hobby
• Refusing to meet friends, relatives and other people
• Decrease in appetite
• Decrease in weight
The elderly people when depressed may develop several or many of the following symptoms.
There could be one of these or multiple causes that can lead the elderly to sink into depression.
Being lonely
Often the elderly people are left isolated in life. This happens when either they loose mobility due to physical ailments or because they have lost the nerves to face traffic.
Feelings of worthlessness
Often they feel worthless because of retirement from job or business and limited mobility.
Physical problems
Often the old age is marked with various ailments or poor general health condition. This also can make elderly people depressed. Also medicine intake can reduce the mood enhancing hormones.
Anxiety and grieves
Many elderly people have experienced death of a spouse, relatives or close friends. This can lead them into depressions, which are aggravated by their own fears of illness and death.

One can help an old depressed parent or relative in several different ways. It can simply be combated by spending quality time with them. Invite them over to lunch or dinner or go to their place to cook with them. Remember their birthdays and anniversaries. Buy them small gifts or just wish by custom made cards. If your elderly relative is acutely depressed your can help a lot by trying to convince him/her to seek professional advice and treatment.
A little effort from your side can not only help your elderly loved one to cope with depression but would also give you infinite happiness and sense of achievement.


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