Causes of Depression

Depression is a world wide recognized mental phenomenon. Millions of dollars are spent every year for its cure. Though it is necessary to seek professional advice and treatment when diagnosed with depression, the economists are raising serious concerns over the ever increasing price of depression treatments and the amount spent on depression treatments in the times of recession.
I’ve listed some of the several causes of depression so that they could be avoided altogether instead of paying your hard earned money to the therapists.
Stressful life events
Sometimes death of a parent, spouse, some other family member or even a pet can lead one to depression. Even change of house, job or school can put one into depression. This kind of depression is normal if it lasts for 3 to 4 months. If it is lasting more than that, you’ll certainly need to do something about it.
Social environment
In some societies, where going against the set rules or customs is not acceptable, social or the ‘peer pressure’ can make the person very depressed, if he/she has done something ‘different’. In such cases one just has to learn to ignore people and to stand by his/her own laws.
Physical imparities or persistent medical conditions
Physical imparities might present some setbacks. Individuals with these sometimes become extremely depressed. One can combat that with will power and helpful friends or family members. Some medical conditions change the hormonal balance of the body. They can lead to simulate stress inducing chemicals. For such a condition, seeking professional advice is a must.
Disturbed family conditions
Parents’ divorce, separation or even fights can put children into deep depression. If you don’t want your children to be depressed, never argue or fight in front of them.
This may surprise you but genetics can play a big role in making you depressed. If both or one of your parents have been in depression, you are more likely t o be depressed in some part of your life. In this case just by being aware of your family history can help you cope with the depression.
So be aware. Be happy and stay healthy.


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