Connection Between Depression and Memory Loss

As we are talking about depression and its horrible effects, one of the main effects that you might have for the rest of your life is the memory loss. There are countless people who are suffering from depression and this is spreading world wide on daily basis. As I mentioned earlier that depression can also cause the loss of memory, so a lot of people might not accept that statement. In the article below I will give you some scientific reasons that why can depression lead to memory loss.

As there are a lot of scientists who are still probing on the side effects of depression, it has been developed that this can also lead to the loss of memory in a person. As we know that memory is an executive part of out brain and depression, as we talk about it, is a mental illness. As the depression is a mental illness, once the person will start feeling depressed, they will tend to forget about some of the most important things that they used to do in their daily life. As we talk about the loss of memory, there are a lot of things that the depression patients tend to forget. Even before they realize that they are suffering from depression they will start to forget about the execution of the daily tasks that they used to carry out in their normal lives. Furthermore as we talk about the memory loss, they will face a lot of difficulties in initiating the simplest tasks, making the most important decisions and arranging their thoughts in a systematic way.

All of the above symptoms can come into a view that will lead a person in defeating their relation with their friends and family. In the end I would like to advise you that depression should be treated as soon as possible or it might lead to the destruction of a wonderful life.


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