Consequences of Unchecked Depression

In this age of busy schedules, disturbed family lives and economic recession, the percentage of people falling into depression is alarmingly high. Thanks to the increased awareness campaigns about depression, many of us know when we have depression symptoms. Yet many refuse to go for a treatment, thinking it would heal by itself. Some do not even recognize that they have depression. They just keep ignoring all the symptoms and try to pull through.
This is a very dangerous trend. Depression, if goes unchecked can create havoc in your life. I’ve listed only some of the consequences of unchecked depression.
Increased risk of coronary diseases
Right now you are only suffering from depression, but by ignoring it you can put yourself at a risk of heart attacks and other coronary diseases. Depression increases your cholesterol levels, which may lead to blocked arteries.
Lower bone mineral density
Depression also reduces your bone mineral density. In simple words it means you have an increased risk of bone fractures. Depression brings chemical changes in our brain that leads to reduced no of blood platelets which reduces mineral density of bones. This also leads to a high risk of diabetics and other diseases.
Increased risk of drug abuse
Initially one increases you tea, coffee and alcohol intake and then gradually one succumbs to smoking. When depression goes unchecked, abuse of drugs is highly expected. Nearly all drug addicts of US were found to be in one or other acute form of depression.
Deteriorated quality of life
Depression never heals by itself. Ignoring it would simply affect the quality of your life. Do you think disturbed sleep, disturb food habits, feelings of worthlessness and fatigue would do any good to your life?
Risks of suicidal behaviors
The depression patients are usually surrounded by thoughts of death and suicide. Life is precious and worth to be taken care of. Sometimes a person may harm himself in a spontaneous manic depression fit. Whatever damage one does to ones body, it is repented by one later on.
Along with these risks, if you are not getting a treatment for depression it is a fair chance that due to the consequences associated with it, it will fall very heavy on your pocket.
So go consult a professional therapist now. Live a healthy life.


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